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Principal’s Message

September 2017

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back!  Welcome to all the new students who have joined us this year and those returning. It’s great to see so many familiar faces, and I look forward to getting to know all the new faces.  I am very excited for a new year of growth and development in many important areas.

As we begin this school year, we continue implementing the Leader In Me (LIM) program with our theme, Building Learners and Leaders With the 7 Habits. We are excited to continue implementation of this character education program that helps our students set and accomplish many significant goals that prepare them to lead out in today’s world.  Please encourage your children in this program by asking them about the 7 Habits and the leader tags they will be earning to add to their backpack keychains.  I encourage you to access LIM program materials to use in your home at

We will continue our student incentive programs, such as Captains of Character.  Every month, each teacher will nominate one student who exemplifies one of the 7 Habits.  These students and their parents will be invited to a Captains of Character Leadership assembly at the end of each month where student accomplishments are recognized.  I will also continue the Copper Canyon tradition of a monthly principal’s lunch with students: Lunch at the Principal’s Table.  I love celebrating our students’ success with these programs.

The best way for your student to have a successful year is to be at school and on time every day!  We continue our goal this year to decrease chronic absenteeism.  Please see the included article on the subject and help your child understand the importance of consistent, on time school attendance.  We miss them when they are not here, and they miss important academic content that cannot always be recovered.

Also, having your child read just 15 to 20 minutes every day makes a tremendous difference in their learning and academic progress.  Please see the included article, The Rewards of Reading, and make a goal to read every day with your child.

As we go forward with our many academic programs, it is our goal to educate the whole child—fostering and achieving academic, social, emotional, and character growth for every child. Know that we are ready to work with you to foster all students’ love of learning and help them discover their own unique talents and abilities. Please email your child’s teacher or schedule a meeting if you feel you need more support for your child’s success. You are also welcome to contact me for support. Let’s work together to make this a positive year of progress and achievement for EVERY CHILD!

Warm regards,

Patty Bowen, Principal



Whenever you come to school, please go to the office and sign in before going to your child's class. Although it may be an inconvenience, for your safety and everyone else's safety, please sign in! If you have questions regarding snow day closures and other weather-related concerns, please check information between 6-8 a.m. on KSL - 1160 AM or 102.7 FM. You may also check TV stations KUTV - Channel 2, KTVX - Channel 4, KSL - Channel 5, or Fox News - Channel 13 for messages.

Parents are asked to keep their phone numbers updated on our class calling trees, and keep; the school phone lines free. Parents are asked NOT TO CALL THE SCHOOLS or the School District directly.

We, in the office, monitor the air level quality specific to West Jordan each day and will let teachers and students know what kind of a day it is. Students with special health concerns (noted on blue cards, health plans, doctor's notes, etc.) should plan on staying in on yellow, orange or red days (dependent on their health issues).