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Attendance Policy

1. The Jordan School District will comply with its obligation under the Compulsory Attendance Law to monitor student attendance and communicate with parents if the student’s attendance pattern is not in compliance with Utah State Law. (Utah Compulsory Attendance Law 53G-6-202 .)

a. Notification #1 - (5) Unexcused Absence - Parents of students with five (5) or more unexcused absences for the current school year will be mailed an attendance letter to the home address of each primary guardian outlining the days and attendance codes.

b. Notification #2 - (10) Unexcused Absence - Parents of students with ten (10) or more unexcused absences will be mailed an attendance letter outlining the days and comments of each absence requesting the primary guardians to contact the school to discuss attendance improvement options.

c. Notification #3 - (15) Unexcused Absence - Parents of students with fifteen (15) or more unexcused absences will receive a “Certified or Priority Mail Letter” requiring that the parent/guardian contact the school principal to meet and sign a School Attendance Plan, as well as, require that the parent/guardian provide written documentation within 24 hours of the absence or tardy (i.e. dentist, doctor's note, funeral program of immediate family member).

d. Notification #4 - (20+) Unexcused Absence - Parents of students with twenty (20) or more unexcused absences will be referred to Truancy Court.

2. We feel the importance to communicate with parents whose children have ten (10) or more excused absences during the school year. If an excessive attendance pattern occurs, fifteen (15) or more excused absences, tardies and/or check-in/outs, the school will request that a meeting be held to discuss improvement options.

3. Students are allowed up to ten (10) excused vacation/educational leave days each school year. Each leave day may be used as needed for family vacations, events, etc. Educational Leave Forms can be completed in the Main Office. Please remember, each Educational Leave Form must be filled out PRIOR​ ​to the vacation or event.

4. On occasion, a Provisional Permit will be approved for families living outside of the school boundary. The Provisional Permit Attendance Policy requires that “out of boundary” students are on-time and are attending school on a regular basis. After ten (10) excused and/or unexcused absences, tardies and late check-in/outs, parents will receive communication from the school to discuss improvement options. Should the student’s attendance pattern not improve after this first
discussion, then an additional notification will be sent requesting a meeting to revoke the student’s permit and the requirements to enroll at their boundary school.

5. Daily Attendance consists of two (2) attendance periods: If a student is absent the entire day their attendance will reflect two (2) half days.

Unexcused Absence Codes:
A = Absent (No Parent or Guardian contact)
T = Tardy (Student checks in before 11:01 without a physician's excused Note)
Excused Absence Code:
E = Verified Excused (Physician’s/Parents written note required)
G = Guardian Excused (Absent with Parent or Guardian contact)
I = Excused Check-In (Student checks in between 9 am–3:25 pm with a physician's excused note)
O = Checkout (Student checks out between 9am-3:25pm with a parent/guardian)
V = Educational Leave/Vacation (Ed. Leave Form completed BEFORE​ vacation is taken)
We understand that a physician is not needed every time your student is ill; however, it is important that communication is made with the school’s attendance office EACH​ day that a student is absent.