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Faculty & Staff

Copper Canyon teachers and staff love to SYNERGIZE and create a learning environment that is both engaging and fun.


Photo of Patty Bowen Patty Bowen Principal
Photo of Kimberly Ranney Kimberly Ranney Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Photo of Kristen Dent Kristen Dent Office Manager
Photo of Jerri Sume Jerri Sume Administrative Assistant
Photo of Kristy Ziolkowski Kristy Ziolkowski Office Manager


Photo of Julie Hilbig Julie Hilbig Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Kimberly Huff Kimberly Huff Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Shaunna Page Shaunna Page Kindergarten Teacher

First Grade

Photo of Cami Gammel Cami Gammel First Grade Teacher
Photo of Brittany Jaque Brittany Jaque First Grade Teacher
Photo of Lorrie Madsen Lorrie Madsen First Grade Teacher

Second Grade

Photo of Cari Frazier Cari Frazier Second Grade Teacher
Photo of Lorene Fullmer Lorene Fullmer Second Grade Teacher
Photo of Kerri Reyes Kerri Reyes Second Grade Teacher

Third Grade

Photo of Christina Corbette Christina Corbette Third Grade Teacher
Photo of Abbie Heaps Abbie Heaps Third Grade Teacher
Photo of Yvonne Palfreyman Yvonne Palfreyman Third Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade

Photo of Holli Mattingly Holli Mattingly Fourth Grade Teacher
Photo of Andrea Ming Andrea Ming Fourth Grade Teacher
Photo of Tiffany Peery Tiffany Peery Fourth Grade Teacher
Photo of Marlene Shelley Marlene Shelley Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

Photo of Alyssa Corbeil Alyssa Corbeil Fifth Grade Teacher
Photo of Laura Ferguson Laura Ferguson Fifth Grade Teacher
Photo of Kirsten Goff Kirsten Goff Fifth Grade Teacher

Sixth Grade

Photo of Karlie Der Karlie Der Sixth Grade Teacher
Photo of Jackie Ruiz Jackie Ruiz Sixth Grade Teacher
Photo of Brooke Stuart Brooke Stuart Sixth Grade Teacher


Photo of Elizabeth Farr Elizabeth Farr Preschool Teacher
Photo of Susie Rodriguez Susie Rodriguez Preschool Teacher

Special Education

Photo of Jessica Duncan Jessica Duncan Special Education Teacher
Jennifer Johnson Speech Pathologist
Photo of Linda Kennedy Linda Kennedy Special Education Teacher
Photo of Mackenzie Schueler Mackenzie Schueler School Psychologist
Photo of Allison Shaw Allison Shaw School Counselor

District Coach

Photo of Jennifer Knowles Jennifer Knowles District Coach


Photo of Justin Bradshaw Justin Bradshaw Head Custodian
Photo of Kuki Davies Kuki Davies Media Center Manager
Photo of Sheri Harrington Sheri Harrington Theater Teacher
Teauna Lewis STEAM Teacher
Photo of Tina Pinelle Tina Pinelle Nutrition Manager
Photo of Katie Rhoades Katie Rhoades P.E Teacher
Photo of Alicia Story Alicia Story Lunch Clerk
Photo of Jessica Tateishi Jessica Tateishi Media Center Manager