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2nd Grade Coyote Pride

You must complete 12 out of 15 to receive your 2nd Grade Coyote Pride

    1. Memorize addition and subtraction facts within 20.
    2. Memorize and be able to write, full name, complete address, and phone number, including zip code and area code.
    3. Earn a level 3 or higher on 2 of the 3 grading periods in both language arts and math.
    4. Count by 2’s and 5’s to 100. Count by 10’s to 1,000.
    5. Complete a book report project as assigned by the teacher.
    6. Read 50 hours (3,000 minutes) at home.
    7. Share 1 informational, 1 narrative, and 1 opinion writing piece with the class.
    8. Identify and tell the purpose of text features in an informational book.
    9. Show proficiency (90% or above) in regrouping using addition.
    10. Get 100% on 10 spelling tests.
    11. Using coins, count combinations to $1.00.
    12. Participate in the school egg drop in the spring.
    13. Read the 200 Second Grade sight words in 3 minutes or less.
    14. Complete a science project as directed by the teacher.
    15. Participate in the P.T.A. sponsored Reflections Contest.