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3rd Grade Coyote Pride

You must complete 10 out of 14 to receive your 3rd Grade Coyote Pride

  1. Complete and present 3 book reports
  2. Prepare for and participate in the Wax Museum
  3. Receive an average of 80% on spelling tests
  4. Turn in 80% or more of completed homework
  5. Publish writing per teacher’s instruction
  6. Complete one research project in class
  7. Memorize and present a poem or present 3+ Multiplication Songs
  8. Participate in the PALA Fitness Passport Program 
  9. Complete a mixed fact multiplication timed test in 5 minutes
  10. Complete a mixed fact division timed test in 10 minutes
  11. Participate in the Egg Drop
  12. Participate in the Reflections contest
  13. Participate in the Talent Show, Choir, Ambassadors, Orchestra or an approved service project outside of school
  14. Complete a science project or experiment at home and present to class.