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6th Grade Coyote Pride

You must complete 15 activities or goals of interest to earn your 6th Grade Coyote Pride.

Language Arts:

1. Average >70% on Comprehension Tests

2. Achieve a monthly reading goal at 80% or higher (400 min goal). 

3. Memorize and present an approved poem of 150 or more words.

4. Participate in a Class Spelling Bee; you must make it through the second round, or log 2 hours of study time at home with a signature handed in before the spelling bee.

5. Read 2 different books (minimum 100 pages) and turn in approved book reports.


6. Participate in the Egg Drop.

7. Plan & build a 3D model showing a symbiotic relationship of at least 2 different species. 

8. Research a planet of your choice and build a 3D model.

9. Design, engineer, and test a device to manage heat transfer.

10. Track weather, humidity, and air pressure, and include an explanation of how they affect one another. 

Social Studies:

11. Research and present on a historical figure (before 1800) with the Pizza Box template.

12. Research and do a presentation on a different country of your choice. (Spring)

13. Watch 18 “CNN 10” episodes, and write a summary of each one.

Extra Curricular Activities:

14. Participate in the School Talent Show/ or PTA reflections.

15.  Participate in an afterschool activity.  (Sports, music, scouts, etc.)

16. Complete 5 “Authentic Learning Experiences”. (Found on Canvas)

Physical Fitness:

17. Achieve Gold, Silver, or Bronze in the Sixth Grade Fitness Program.

18. Plan, carry out, and log a healthy exercise program for three consecutive weeks.


19. Complete a community service project that requires at least 5 hours of your time. This needs to benefit someone outside of family and the student cannot be compensated. This can be a combination of more than one service activity. Turn in with a parent signature. 

Personal Goals:

20. Type 30+ words per minute.